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Have you had a flu jab?
Have you had a flu jab yet? As the weather gets colder and Winter is here it is time to get your flu jab. Flu is never very pleasant and can last for some time meaning days off work as well as feeling awful and not being able to get out and about. For those at risk and the elderly it can be very...
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Urgent recall for Zantac prescriptions
Zantac, a popular medicine in the UK made by GlaxoSmithkline for heartburn and stomach ulcers has been urgently recalled due to fears it may contain a chemical linked to cancer. Doctors have been told to stop prescribing it as a ‘precautionary measure’. The recall affects four types of...
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Pharmacies to offer free heart check-ups
As part of a plan to help prevent heart attacks and strokes pharmacies are going to offer free heart check-ups in an effort to detect signs earlier. More than 320 pharmacies will offer the service from next month after pilots proved successful. Pharmacists will test for high-risk conditions that...
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Latest Patient Survey results released
Our latest patient survey results are out and show good results but we can always do better and continue to strive to do so. You can download the results here
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Lifestyle Pharmacy’s guide to Winter Health
Colder temperatures, longer nights and shorter days bring extra health risks, but there are ways to make sure you stay fit and healthy this winter, whatever the weather. Read on to find out how to protect yourself from common ailments during the colder months. Colds & Flu The common cold...
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Stop Smoking Service
Lifestyle Pharmacy now has TWO fully-trained NHS Stop Smoking Service advisors – and a great range of products - to help make 2015 the year you quit for good! New year, new you? To stop smoking is probably the single biggest action you can take to make a positive impact on the rest of your...
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