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Dec 2014
Stop Smoking Service
Lifestyle Pharmacy now has TWO fully-trained NHS Stop Smoking Service advisors – and a great range of products - to help make 2015 the year you quit for good! New year, new you? To stop smoking is probably the single biggest action you can take to make a positive impact on the rest of your life – not only will you feel better, have more energy and more cash, you’ll drastically reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Quitting requires willpower of course, but you’re FOUR times more likely to quit if you use a local NHS-funded service, than if you try to quit using willpower alone. Interested? Read on… Where do I Start? All you need to do is call us or come in and speak to the pharmacy team to have an initial consultation or make an appointment for later. We’re open seven days a week with availability to suit most days and times. How Does it Work During your initial consultation the advisor will work with you to assess your smoking behaviour, patterns and triggers to recommend the best solution for you. We’ll help you set a quit date (you don’t have to quit there and then!) and provide you with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products to get you started, along with motivation and some great hints and tips to succeed. After that you’ll be supported with weekly consultations to check your progress and assess NRT needs for the week ahead, with more products prescribed if needed. We use a Carbon Monoxide monitor to help track your progress and provide a little extra motivation. Once you’ve been smoke free for four weeks, we can continue supporting you by providing further products and support, in person or by telephone. Does it cost? The service is FREE as it is locally NHS-funded and provided in conjunction with Sirona Care & Health. When using the NHS service provided in the pharmacy, the cost each time you receive NRT products will be £8.05, the same price as NHS prescriptions. If you are normally exempt from prescription charges, you won’t have to pay for NRT. What options are available? There are various types of nicotine replacement therapy including: Patches, gum, lozenges and mini lozenges of varying design and strength plus nasal sprays, mouth sprays, inhalators and under-the-tongue microtabs. There is also a tablet available called Champix, which works by reducing the urge to smoke and relieving withdrawal symptoms. Champix requires approval from your GP, but we can do this for you as part of the service. Next steps You can pop in to see us in the pharmacy seven days a week. Alternatively call us on 01225 465576 or e-mail us onlifestyle.pharmacy@intrapharm.com. We have starter packs available for you to take home and read through too. So, what are you waiting for? Good luck!!!
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